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Vaporizer or vape is a device used to vaporize substances for inhalation without burning. They have many types of extraction chambers that are made either from glass or metal, but in general come in three categories: Standard, Portable and Forced Air Vaporizer. Burning cannabis creates smoke that is harmful and does damage to your lungs and respiratory system. Here we will focus on explaining how to put weed in a vape and save money while enjoying the “flavor notes” more.

Why smoke weed in a vape ?

Burning cannabis or hashish creates toxic by-products which are the prime cause of lung cancer and many respiratory disorders. Combusted smoke consists of 85% Non-cannabinoids while gases from a vaporizer is 95% Cannabinoids.

Also burning destroys 30% of THC in cannabis making it a less efficient form of consumption, meaning you will save money using a vape.

Conventional wisdom says that holding in the smoke increases the effect of weed, but in reality holding smoke allows more tar and noxious chemicals to be absorbed by your lungs. While only a small shallow puff allows absorption of 95% of THC in the plant in the first few seconds.

Vaping allows you to inhale a cleaner mixture, without all that burned by-products and introduces you to a whole new world of tastes, you can even apply some flavours and make things interesting.

So using a vape will help your lungs, save you money and open your taste buds to new flavours of weed all that in a longer more efficient session.

Types of Vaporizers

Standard Vaporizers, also referred to as “Box Vaporizers” or “Whip-Style” Vaporizers, typically utilize a ceramic heating element and require the user to inhale through the tubing. This inhalation creates a convection current, pulling hot air over the herbs, allowing the user to maintain maximum control over the vaporizing process. Many standard vaporizers employ what is known as “hands-free” design, which means that the herb container at the end of the wand rests independently on the heating element without the need for the user to keep his or her hand close to the heating element in order to ensure heating of the herbs.

Portable Vaporizers, or “handheld vaporizers”, are exactly that – portable. These compact and lightweight vaporizers are designed for vapor enthusiasts on the go. Portable vaporizers can be used almost anywhere and are very simple to operate. They typically employ an internal rechargeable battery, an external “push-in” battery or a refillable butane chamber with click-activation.

Pen-Style Vaporizers represent the new wave of vaporizers. They are a type of handheld vaporizer which is growing in popularity due to their aesthetic simplicity and similarity to a common “e-cigarette”. Vaporizer pens are optimal for enjoying e-liquids, essential oils, and concentrates. Vaporizer pens are much more subtle and discreet than their larger portable counterparts; they generate vapor by heating material inside one of the following containers:

Atomizer is a chamber containing a small heating coil that creates convection current, vaporizing the active ingredients in the oil or herb cartridge.

Cartomizer is a combination of a cartridge and atomizer. In this setup, a conduction current occurs because the material is in direct contact with the heating coil

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Wax Vs Dry Herb Vaporizer 0 4358

You heard about a device called “a vaporizer”, sounds like a weapon that turns your enemies into vapor, right ? Well yeah, can’t argue with that, but no we are not there yet. A Vaporizer is a device that heats up the material but I doesn’t burn it, uses an atomizer to creates gas that carries particles through the mouthpiece and to your lungs. The great thing about a vaporizer is that it doesn’t burn the material, so you are not inhaling tar or other toxic by-products that damage your lungs and are a primary cause of lung cancer. Here we will talk about a portable vaporizer, mainly a wax pen also called a dab pen and a herb vaporizer, both fall into the Vape Pen category.

Dry Herb Vaporizer

Also called a weed vaporizer is a portable device that heats up the herb to around 300 degrees and the gase that is produced is inhaled. Since it’s a portable vaporizer it means that it’s battery powered. When you get one from a Vaporizer store, you also receive a charger with a USB cable, so you can charge the battery with an adapter from a wall outlet, a laptop or even a power bank. The other two parts are the main body that houses the heater, the atomizer and the storage area also referred to as “the oven” where you put the herbs and a mouthpeice.

Before using the Vape Pen you need to charge the batter if the LED is not green, while it’s charging you should take the time to prepare the herbs. Sort out the moist parts and if there are any moldy parts you best throw them away as they will ruin your experience. You’ll need to grind the herbs in a nice and even size, this can be done by a tool called grinder. There are different shapes and sizes and materials grinders are made of, find one that suits your needs.

After the battery is full and the herbs are prepared you put the herbs in the “oven” and attach the mouthpeice. If you are using a Buttonless Vape Pen, then just inhale and enjoy. If using a Push Button Vape Pen, u’ll need to press the power on button five times to power the device on and then inhale. This is pretty much it, simple and elegant solution for a better way of consuming herb vapors.

Wax Pen / Dab Pen

Also a portable Vape Pen, powered with a battery, with one key difference. A Dab Pen uses wax instead of dry herbs. The principle is the same, you have the battery that you need to recharge, you have the heater and atomizer, the storage (the “oven”) area and the mouthpeice. This is the principle at which the vaporizers function. The difference is that wax needs higher temperature so the device could produce vapor, that’s all there is. Some vaporizers come with the ability to vaporize both herbs and waxes but that is reflected in the price.

Depending on your needs and lifestyle you can choose a herb or a wax pen or if unsure one pen to rule them all, a two in one herb and wax vaporizer.