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Vaporizer stands for a device that creates vapor instead of smoke. It produces nine times less heat than a regular fire fuled tobacco/canabis burning cigarette. The regular “smoke” produces tar and by-products that damage your lungs and can lead to lung and/or throat cancer. A vape pen is a healthier choice for you and the second-hand smoke is, well not smoke, so it’s not a problem for non-smokers. So a vape pen seems like a good choice, but how do you use a vaporizer pen and which one is for you, find out below.

Which Vape Pen Should You Chose ?

There are three types of vape pens to choose from. It all depends on your life style and preferences. Main types are Buttonless, Push Button and All-in-one disposable vape pen.

Buttonless is just a battery, an Oil cartrige and a mouthpiece that activates when you inhale. No need to push buttons or anything, like smoking a cigarette. It’ great for beginners. It only has one heat setting so depending on oil thickness the vapor cloud will also differ, but by the time you start experimenting with oils u’ll probably have more than one vape pen.

Push Button requires you to, push the button, as the name says. This type gives you more control. The main parts are the same but you have the added abillity of managing your experience. Usualy you push the button five times to turn the pen on, and than you click to increase or decrease the heat depending on you preferencess and the oil you are using. Different heat setting give different vapor taste.

All-in-one disposable vape pen is great for trying vape for the first time. No need to invest or commit, just grab it, use it and throw it away. It can come with buttons but usualy it’s buttonless and it doesn’t have a charger hole/cable.

How do You Use a Vaporizer Pen ?

A Vape Pen is a much simpler device than a mobile phone even a non-smart one. The Buttonless and the Push Button both have a rechargable battery which comes with a USB charger and a USB cable, so you can recharge it at your coffie shop or laptop or even a power bank. While charging the light will glow red and after a while when it changes to green it ready for use.

With the battery fully charged u’ll need to do some assembly, very basic assembly. First off you’ll need to remove the rubber plug from your cartridge (don’t throw it away you’ll need it later), peel off a bit of tape that’s blocking the airflow, attach the mouthpiece and screw it all to the battery. Check that everything is tight.

The most complicated part done now, we can now focus on the main thing. If you got the Buttonless or the All-in-one disposable vape pen all you need to do is, put the mouthpiece and breathe in through your mouth. There is no need for long puffs and holding the vapor in your lungs since there was no loss of THC through burning, just keep the puffs shallow and short. If you got the Push Button vape pen than push the button (usually) five times to turn the pen on, three times to ajust the temperature and two times to pre-heat the oil before inhalation and when done push the button five times to turn the pen off.

Vape oil pens are easy to use, perserve your health, the health of bystanders and you get more puff for your buck, meaning it’s a more economically efficient choice.

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