How To Use Black Mamba Vaporizer 0 7901

The Black Mamba Vaporizer is a Push Button portable dry herb, conduction (meaning heated air passes through the herbs) vaporizer that provides an even heating through the oven. The shape is unique, no doubt about that, like the Black Mamba snake it has a recognizable curvature and color. It houses a extra large ceramic oven that can hold up to 0.65g of herbs. All the vapor is led through a glass path through a plastic covered mouthpiece. The Black Mamba takes only 20 seconds to heat up and it’s 5 pre-set heat options are all controled with only one button.

Many vaporizers use the same principles of operation, be it a conduction or a convection vaporizer, but some have features that help them stand out in the crowd and require some explanation.

First Step

Not unlike the Pax 3 instructions ,Black Mamba is used in a similar way. First off, you need to check the battery power level. If the LED on the bottom end of the vaporizer is red than the batter needs to be recharged. Take the Micro USB cable provided and plug it in the charger or if you are far from a wall outlet, a laptop could be used or even a power bank. Just plug the USB end in the power source and the Micro USB end in the Black Mamba vaporizer.

Second Step

Like all of the Dry Herb vaporizers, you need to prepare the herbs. And when better than while the vaporizer is charging. You should take this step seriously and not skip it, since the propper preparation will result in a richer flavour and a better herb usage. Meaning you will waste less herbs and in doing so less money. The herb needs to be ground in an even way, not by hands or scissors prefferably with a herb grinding tool. Also while grinding you should keep an eye for moldy or moist herb parts as this can affect the taste by a significant amount.

There are many tools that can help you with this task like metal or plastic round two part grinders, credit card (yes, just like it sounds), electric grinding tools, coffee grinders (can be used for this as well, but clean it if u ground any coffee beforehand).

Third Step

Now with the herbs ground and the batter charged we start the assembly part. Take the mouthpeice and just pull it off away from the vaporizer. On the main body of the device you’ll see a hole, this is the so called “oven” where you put the ground herbs. Fill the oven but don’t compress the herbs too much, as that will restrict the air flow and affect the quality of the vapor. Since Black Mamba is a conduction type vaporizer the hot air will have to have room to pass through the ground herbs from all sides in order to collect all the particles and transfer them out the mouthpeice.

The oversized heating chamber can be a huge plus, allowing you to have multiple sessions with no need to unload and refill the chamber.

Fourth Step

After filling up the oven you put the mouthpeice back on, it’s time to turn the vaporizer on. Like all of the Push Button vaporizer this one will require you to press the button five times to turn it on (it’s five time for safety purposes). When the device turns on it will be on the lowest heat setting, but you can ajust that to your needs. Hold the button to gradualy increase the desired temperature, the red LEDs will show the increase and after you have chosen the temperature the vaporizer will heat up and when done will trun the LEDs to green.

Heat preset 1 – 180°C

Heat preset 2 – 190°C

Heat preset 3 – 200°C

Heat preset 4 – 210°C

Heat preset 5 – 220°C

Play with the heat presets to find the flavour and the vapor density that is just right for you.

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