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Made by VaporBlunt Pinnacle has been making various vaporizer models for some time. Their latest is the Pinnacle Pro, an upgrade of their popular Pinnacle Classic. This is a portable vaporizer, an in-between a table-top and a vape pen.

Featuring it’s very sleek and pocket-friendly size of 12.7cm long and 2.5cm diameter, the Pinnacle Vaporizer fits in any pocket or purse. It’s ergonomic and smooth design will make it sit in the palm of your hand very comfortably, making it very travel-friendly. Do not let the size of the Pinnacle Vaporizer fool you.

It’s best qualities are it’s great size, it’s performance and it’s versatility (it can use both dry herbs as well as concentrates). The Pinnacle Pro is the closest you can get to a vapor pen in size without the loss of quality.

Improved heating chamber

This weed vaporizer comes with an improved heating chamber and 5 heat settings that can easily be adjusted with the touch of a button. The multiple heat settings make the vaporization process more efficient for vaporizing your favorite herbs.


Pinnacle Pro Temperature settings:

470 F – Purple (ideal for oil/wax) (244 °C)

445 F – Orange/Red (230 °C)

420 F – Yellow (216 °C)

395 – Green (202°C)

370 – White (188 °C)

Cleaning and maintenance

The Pinnacle Pro Vape comes with a cleaning brush, pipe cleaners, a mouthpiece, a concentrate canister and a dry herb canister called a “Bullet”. The dry herb canister got it’s name because of the size and shape resembles a 9mm shell casing but the bottom part is covered with a screen to allow the airflow over the herbs.

Cleaning and maintenance of the Pinnacle Vaporizer is very easy and simple. You just remove the “Bullet” and the Mouthpiece, clean with the tools that come in the cleaning kit and from time to time clean underneath the “Bullet” (inside the device) and you’ll have no problems with clogging and or keeping the taste pure.

Upon powering ON it shows the current battery power level and then begin heating to 370 F (188°C), which is the lowest and first heat setting. This is the optimal heat setting for most herbs.

From hear you can click the button to raise the heat setting all the way up to 470 F (the purple color) (244 °C). The LED will blink sequentially until the desired heat temperature is achieved, at which point the LED will become solid indicating that the device is ready for use.

The Pinnacle Pro has a 15min auto-shutoff feature which is very useful, or you can shut off the Pinnacle manually, all you need to do is simply press and hold the power button until the LED shuts off.

If you plan on using the Pinnacle Pro for more extended session we highly recommend the Pinnacle Micro Shower 14mm glass attachment kit aka the Hydro Tube to cool down the vapor.

The battery charge time from 0% to 100% is only 3 hours. And with that, you will have more than enough battery life to last you several 15min sessions.

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