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Made by Grenco Science, a pioneer of the most advanced, use friendly portable vaporizers in the world. They were the first to make a tank system specifically designed for essential fluids and personal aromatherapy regiments. In association with the rapper Snoop Dogg , the most vocal herbal usage public figure, made the Snoop Dogg Double G Series Vaporizer Pen. Read more information about the G Pen below.

The Snoop Dogg Vape Pen is a portable Dry Herb vaporizer device that while at the higher end of the price scale, provides a fantastic vaping experience every session. The design is unique but also elegant and ergonomic with its small size making it purse or pocket friendly. It also comes with its tools and a USB charger.

What do you get?

The box is filled with usefull tools that you’ll find handy when preparing the herbs or cleaning the vape pen or other cleaning or maintenance tasks. The glass tank and the battery are assembled by simply removing the rubber cap and screwing them together. The same method is used when attaching the battery to the charger provided, which you attach to the wall outlet or you laptop or power bank. When the light indicator on the charger is glowing RED that means the charge is in progress, after a while the indicator will glow GREEN meaning the batter is at full capacity, and your Snoop Dogg Vape pen is ready for use.

How to use Snoop Dogg Vape?

Before you put the herbs in the glass oven, you will need to prepare the herbs. You’ll need to check the herbs for mold or excess moisture and than ground. No need to do it with your hands or scissors, in the box you’ll find a credit card grinder provided just for this purpose. Grinding the herb provides a more homogenized fill that allows for a fuller usage of your herbs. Keep in mind when packing the glass container, that you need to fill it up but not so much that you restrict the air flow.

Also in the box is the glass container where you put the dry herbs, as well as few glass containers for herb storage. On the other side of the glass dry herb container you will attach the mouthpiece, it snaps in place with ease. From time to time you will use the G-Tool, that you’ll find in the package, which is used to stir the herbs in the pens glass container to get the most out of your herbs, making them provide a fuller, more rich experience during the whole session.

Since this Vape Pen is a Push Button type pen, you will have to push the power on button five times to turn it on. This provides some safety while the pen is in the purse or pocket and the button is being accidentaly pressed while the pen tumbles. After you pressed the button five times you are ready to vape to your heart’s content.

Aside from all those accessories you’ll find a glass jar for herb storage, a brush for cleaning the glass container, G-tips for cleaning the inside of the pen. All in all, the Snoop Dogg vape pen is a fantastic device that is worth every penny. And if you need help with vape seo you just send us and emial and we are happy to help.

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