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Vaping is a modern trend, but it was deeply rooted in our society, dating back as far as ancient Egypt. Those old techniques used hot stones to heat up and vaporize herbs, later the hookah was invented in India. After a while Joseph Robinson came up with the idea for the first ever e-cigarette in 1927. A bit later in 1963. Herbert Gilbert introduced the “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” to the world and made vaping popular. The modern e-cig design was made in the early 2000s. by a Chinese firm Hon Lik.

Popular Use

The most popular, profitable and socially tolerable drugs is nicotine. As with any drug, it’s users have tried to find new ways of consuming it. Smoking, vaping, chewing, making oils, making sticky patches of nicotine to apply to their skin. All of that with no regard to their or other peoples health.

Many devices were invented to help the nicotine craving like: Hookahs, Bongs, Glass Bongs, Smoking Pipes, Aromatherapy oil burners, Vapes with and without water cooling, e-cigarettes, Volcano Vaporizer etc. But now in the modern day and age where people try to safeguard their health and indulge their favorite craving with a cool gadget vaping is more popular than it was ever been. The demand for various vape types is motivation for the development of new devices and the market keeps growing. Still, of these vaporizers can be found in a vaporizer store, where you can find out more detailed information on these devices.

Vape VS Smoke

Smoke is a collection of airborne particulates and gases produced when the material undergoes the process of combustion aka burning. It is a mist of fine particles. When lighting tobacco, for example, the temerature is around 2000 degrees and the herb is burning and producing smoke. Usualy there is a filter on the other part of a cigarette that helps a bit, but the smoker inhales a lot of tar and toxic by-products that damage the lungs and the respitory system leading to lung cancer.

Vape is a gas produced by a vaporizer. This is done in two ways: Convection or Conduction. With the Convection chamber (so-called oven)that stores the material is heated up to about 300 degrees and the gases that escape are inhaled by the user. The Conduction is a bit different, the air is pre-heated before it comes in contact with the herbs (or oils) and the hot air carries the vapor to the user. Vaping produces no tar and by-products and there is no 30% loss of original material particles due to burning, so vaping is more efficient and healthier.

Types of Vaporizers

There are three main types of Vaporizers: Standard or Table-top, Portable and Forced-Air. The Table-top use your power outlet as a power source, the Portable (the most popular ones) have a battery. The Portable ones split into three sub-categories Buttonless, Push Button and All-in-one disposable. The Forced-Air vaporizer stand on the table, use the power outlet and have a fan that forces the air through the material and into a big bag that is detached after filling up and the gas in the “balloon” is inhaled.

The Future

With the high demand, vaporizers are becoming smaller and more portable, more powerful, produce different degrees of heat, can be used for more than one type of material and are being outfitted with Bluetooth so they can be used with a mobile app

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