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The poster child for the Forced-Air vaporizer category is the renowned Volcano Vaporizer. It gained the reputation as the most technically advanced vaporizer. Made by Markus Storz a company that started development of vaporizers back in 1968 they then filed a patent for the “balloon” in 1998. and in 2000. For the “hot air extraction” and started production of the “Volcano”. Later in 2002. Storz and Bickel GmbH & Co.KG was founded, with Markus Storz and Jürgen Bickel as equal partners. In 2010. They receive ISO manufactoring certification. Keeping the Vulcano fresh as years go by.

A Quick Overview

The Volcano is a table-top type vaporizer. It draws power from your wall outlet, has a cone (vulcan) shaped body and a metal housing. The classic has a big dile knob which you use to set the desired temperature, a red button for turning the heat on, a “control” light that shuts off when the desired temperature is reached and a green button to start and stop the fan. The digital Vulcano has a display and two button a + and a – to increase or decrease the temperature instead of the dile knob. You get a Vapor Bag and a Easy Valve Starter set. And some accessories to keep the device clean.

How to use ?

You might be thinking: “This all sound so complex, there are so many parts, but is Vulkan vaporizer for beginners ?”. Well yes it is, the principle is the same as with the small portable Vape Pen. Check This UK vape shop out.

Since this is a wall outlet powered vaporizer there is not need to wait for the battery to charge, so you can skip straight to herb preparation (if you plan on using wax then skip this step as well). You will need to grind the herbs so that you get a nice and even spread through the herb chamber. Avoid grinding with your hands or scissors since this will provide sub-optimal results. Try using a grinder tool for this it will do a good job and will be faster. Also if you spot any moldy or moist parts of the herb, set the aside, do not use them since they will affect the taste in a negative and undesirable way. When done put the herbs in the herb container and the container in the device.

Now you just need to take the bag and attach the neck of the bag to the vaporizer. Roll out the bag so that it fills with ease, keep in mind that the bag will go verticaly so keep in mind to have enough room for both the vaporizer and the bag (“baloon”).

Turn the dial knob (or ajust the temperature with the + and – buttons if using the digital version) to the desired temperature. Push the red button, the yellow control light should have turned on. This means the Volcano is trying to reach the desired temperature. When the yellow light turns off, press the green button. This will activate the fan and the bag will start to fill up with gas. After the bag is full, press the green button again to shut down the fan.

Detach the bag from the main body and reatach the mouthpeice. Press the mouthpeice to open the valve and inhale. After you empty the bag, reattach it to the main body and refill it. Enjoy your sessions !

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